Thursday, 22 January 2015

We have lift off!!! Finally we are on TV!!

Yesterday we reached a milestone for our quest to make people aware of Steroid Induced Eczema. Two of our Aussie warriors Jake and Libby made it to an Australian TV show called A Current Affair to discuss their ordeal of going through the withdrawal to become well again. I could hear cheers every where, our support page was going in a frenzy as we all felt a huge lift off our shoulders. "This will be the beginning of our quest to get the word out there". Steroids are dangerous and the doctors behind the over prescribing them, will hang their heads shame once they admit what they have done is criminal. They have ruined lives, taken away precious time and scarred us for life emotionally and physically.

The only thing we weren't happy with was the Doctor who thought we all had mental issues and there was no such thing. Well I beg to differ. I was told to do what I did and it was the doctors who wanted me to keep going with the steroids, it was me who finally said no. If I didn't put my foot down when I did, I'm 100 percent I would be a very sick woman by now.

So heres the link. Another warrior kindly videoed it for us and uploaded to youtube. Thanks a million Samara!! xo

Have a great day and I will get back soon !!! Enjoy the TV show xoxox
Oh remember to head over to the support page at the below link :)


  1. Such great news! I'd love for that doctor who denies TSW to look at my skin and tell me to my face that it's psychological!

    1. I know tell me about it :) We should do a bulk letter to his work place. He sounded and looked like such a fool on there. Louise I hope you're doing well xoxo

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