Sunday, 10 November 2013

Month 12 & 13 September and October 2013

Well I have been a little bit slack with the posts. I have been trying to catch up on things I have missed while I was ill. Enjoying time with the kiddies and getting away. I kind of thought by this time I would be completely healed but this monster continues to hinder part of my life still. I guess when you become chronically ill you sit back and realise the important things in your life and take hold of it more when your well again.

So for the last few months, I have had minor flares on my arms, behind the knees and inner thighs. The itchiness of the thighs have been toning down a bit but are still a pain in the butt in the mornings. I feel I can say I have good days and bad days. The mornings I still find I'm dry and stiff when I get out of bed. By the afternoon my legs still seem to swell and ache. If I sit too long they clamp up and I have shooting pain in my legs. So lying in bed or on the couch after the kiddies is my thing at the moment.

On the weight side I'm at a very healthy weight still.

With my little flares I am thinking it was more related to food I am not supposed to eat rather than TSW. I would have clear skin and if I ate something I would itch up over night but would be gone within three days of not eating my naughty treats.

Sleep wise is still up and down. I find if I go to sleep later at night and can get through without waking till the morning. But if I'd go to bed early say around 9-930, I will wake between 1-3 am with the itchy thighs. It generally takes me hours to go back to sleep if this happens. So frustrating.

On very happy note. When I head away, I am not so obsessed with what creams  & oils I am packing as I now know I will cope fine. I am on my way to Sydney for a little getaway with my daughter and mum soon which I am so excited about. It's my first holiday since starting TSW. Then hoping to go to Queensland for some much needed sun and salt water.

Oh and last weekend I went to my daughters school fete. It was 33 degrees. I was so nervous about wearing sun screen so I didn't. To my surprise, I came back looking very tanned on my arms and legs. Usually I always go red and very blotchy. I have been told that the steroid creams enhance burning of the skin. So now I'm not using them, my skin is back to normal when it comes to sun exposive...hooorrrraaayyy

Below are some photo's of my little flares. Nothing too hard to cope with except for the annoyance of the itch. This first one is the back of the knees. You can see that it's not that bad but I do have the scratch lines that just won't go.

The next one is my inner arm. Again the lines that won't budge and a little red and itchy. But nothing like I was months ago. So pretty happy :) As I'm writing this, I don't have the red itchy arms. We will see how tomorrow goes.

My face today, pretty clear. I have lines on my forehead still that won't budge also. Bugger bugger bugger. 

Here with my baby girl. She so happy I am up and about again. Dam that doctor, I lost so much precious time with my babies. 2014 will be a fantastic year for catching up and making the most of everything and being thankful that I am healthy and steroid free :)

 Cheers until next month xoxox