Sunday, 18 January 2015

2 Years and 3 months Steroid Free and I have healed up well :) x

It has been a while since I have written and I have been promising myself that I would every time I jump on to my Facebook support page. And speaking of that we now have 2700 members all searching for the answers for their problem skin. Answers that most people seem to find on there and it's so satisfying seeing so many people on there healing up but at the same time it's gut wrenching to see people going through this horrendous journey that I also went through. I feel hopeless and tearful when I see them posting their graphic pictures up and more so when I see children. The only thing I can do is offer suggestions and give them hope that TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) is real and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So for me now at my 2 year and 3 months mark, I am looking the best I have ever been in a very long long time . A female thing but I'm pretty annoyed that I have put a tad of weight but I am going to put that down to watching too many movies and studying for the last 6 months (and the naughty food opps). Now that its all finished for now, I have serviced my bike and the kiddies and I will be getting on the bikes as much as we can. I haven't been on my bike for nearly 5 years as I've lacked the energy and I can almost put that down to the use of steroids and adrenal fatigue.

Getting deeper into the topic of how my skin is really going, well its completely free of any eczema or suspicious rashes. My inner thigh that were giving me hell for so long have completely stopped itching and hiving. I would say my inner thighs were the last to heal up and this is completely weird as I never in my whole life ever had eczema on them. I still seem to get swelling and stiffness in the legs later in the afternoon. I am wondering because of my age, this may not heal up but not entirely sure. I do recall a report from Dr Rappaport that people in their later years may experience some scarring and some side effects of the withdrawal may never heal up. Fingers crossed it will go with exercise.

My life in general has been absolutely amazing in regards to not being obsessed with applying creams and taking pills. I had forgotten what it was like to be free of all of that. I am taking greater care with what I eat (most times) and what I put on my skin. Food wise, I lead a wheat, egg and diary free life style. I do know now 100% for sure if I'm naughty and dying for some dairy chocolate or a wheat biscuit, I get itchy my stomach blows up. This last for a few days then Im back to normal.

A few products I have discovered that work for, you may want to try if you're in the later healed stages of TSW are below.

My first one is Little Birds Organic Coconut Moisturising Butter. I use this on  my extra dry spots if I have them such as elbows, knees and feet but also after being in the sun I lather it all over and its completely yummy. You can buy it from here from the below address or its also available at Coles Supermarkets and its around $12 on special which is not bad at all.

Sunblock has been a number one priority for the summer and after reading more into the ingredients of all sunblocks and a few reports from universities, I hunted down a natural sunblock for the family. Anything you put on your skin is going to go into your blood stream just like the steroids. I found this amazing sunblock and its called Grahams Natural Sunclear 30 plus. All I can say, where has this been hiding all my life. It goes on like silk and has an amazing subtle smell. No stickiness and its does leave streaks or smudges. It's a little on the pricy side at $29 from Echolife but Im telling you it's worth every cent and you won't get sick from it. 

You can buy it off this website at or head to your local heath food shop to buy it. I could almost use this as a daily moisturiser it that good. 

In a nut shell, my life is normal as it can be with two beautiful children and preparing myself for my gorgeous little man to start school this year. I'II add a few pictures below to show you "me" now. Its funny but I haven't taken many, so I must get on to that again too.

Yes I look like a dag with my floppy hat lol not mine I borrowed it for the day but did the trick . Happy healing lovely people. Remember to go to the Facebook support page at
Send a request to join up, you will meet some amazingly strong people on there and make life time friends. I have met some gorgeous loving, caring people on there myself. Happy healing and stay strong, healing does happen. The proof is in the pudding :) xoxo


  1. It's really nice to see someone who has suffered for so long finally heal. People like you inspire me and give me hope that I someday, will heal too. I'm just wondering, how long did you use the steroid creams before you went to the doctor who told you your skin was being poisoned by these creams?

  2. Hey Oshin

    I used for years and couldn't work out why my skin was getting worse and worse. Thank god for the man I found. I would still be in a world of hurt if it wasn't for him :) x

  3. Your healing journey is so inspiring!

    Use borage or evening primrose oil topically for eczema - as eczema-prone skin is usually deficient in omega-6 essential fatty acid.

    Check out our product Miracle Oil, it's made with only organic/non-GMO and vegan ingredients, and was created for eczema and acne sufferers. It's high in omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids, and contains 10 herbs with proven hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.