Thursday, 20 February 2014

Month 17 February 2014

Well its a new year and I'm still not 100%. Pretty dam close though I have to say. My first accomplishment for the month of November 2013 was to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and I did it. I went along with my 71 year old mum and daughter 9 years old. It was amazing I have to say and we did it rain, hail, thunder and sunshine with no irritation. A huge step forward with the exercise too. I will have to say my legs nearly crumbled after we got back with exhaustion but once we got to the hotel, a good lie down fixed me right up.

A dip at Bondi beach. My first dip in the ocean and again with no irritation. Wohoooooo. My feet are on the right and my gorgeous little girls on the left. It was the best feeling in a long time.

Out and about in the sun. My skin was really loving the sun. After the 5 days of beautiful weather my skin was feeling extra soft and tanned. The best in a long time .

So in January we decided to head to Queensland for a summer holiday for two weeks. To my horror there was no bath and I nearly died. Eventually I convinced myself " I don't need a bath" Well the good news I made it through the two weeks without any panic attacks of wanting a bath. In fact I didn't have a bath for the next month after coming home. The showers were actually making me feel better. I guess too much soaking in the bath damages your skin too.  Heres my delicious little man being silly as he can during our holiday. My skin here you can see its very clear.

So the fear of the first swim in a swimming pool. DONE!! I started at my feet and eased my way up to my neck by the end of the two weeks. It was like learning to walk again. It was a chlorinated salt water pool but I had no irritation at all. I did of course have a bit of an itching attack at White Water World where the water is so highly chlorinated it stun your eyes.

Lichenification on my body has 90% gone so thats another improvement. I can still see some fine lines on the bottom half of my legs but nothing huge.  Heres my knee looking pretty good :)

Heres the same knee months ago for those of you didn't see it..lines lines and more deep lines errr :(  So know that they do disappear in time but it does take time for them to go and they will only go once the itching gets less as this is the main reason it forms. In the later stages if I was itchy I would try and rub if I could to try and prevent the war wounds. It worked for me but everyone if different :)

So my two little get aways gave me strength and confidence to get out and about and not having to obsess over bath time. My skin came back from Queensland super super good. I still get hives in-between the legs which drives me mad and my swelling in the legs has not gone away. Im wondering now if it ever will. hugs xoxoox

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