Monday, 31 August 2015

Spring is near :) xo

Hey everyone.

I just thought I'd touch base on how I was going. I am heading towards another anniversary and still no signs of eczema. It's been a very busy year with my youngest who has asperger's starting school and I was excepted into Nursing. So with a huge transition for my son and beginning a new chapter for myself, I haven't had the time to touch base on my progress.

So Im happy to report, I have had no set backs what so ever. I still, however have the dreams and nightmares of waking up back when I was at my worst. I really don't think that will ever go away as it was the most difficult stage in my life and I really thought it would never end.

I visit my support group on Facebook now at almost 5000 sufferers, to remind myself how bad it was and now to try and help others going through the same ordeal. The most important information I can offer is to show them how I am now and that the suffering does end. Life does go back to normal and its better than before the steroid use.

I continue to stick to a wheat, dairy, egg free eating plan to the best of my ability. I know when I have my cravings I expect a uncomfortable few days ahead :)

On a Nursing studies note. One thing I will find difficult, will be agreeing with the use of steroid creams. I am hoping that I can be an advocate for not using them especially on young children. I will somehow use my experience and evidence to get the word out there. The Facebook Page has been a great start with many members getting their stories out there through magazines, newspapers, webpages and TV.

If you would like to visit the page, click on the below link.

You will find many friends and so much information to help you get through the withdrawal stage.

Hugs and love


PS Im on the left of the picture. A night out a few nights ago. Its great to get out again :) x