Friday, 24 May 2013

Month 5 February 2013

Ok this month, I seemed to be getting better in leaps and bounds. My gorgeous mum decided to go home as I was functioning fairly well and I think I had a good routine in the morning to juggle the kids and me needs too.  I have managed to cut my baths back to one in the morning but still having to lather cream in the afternoon and just before bed. BUT it is progress heading into the right direction.

I have lost a total of 11 kgs and feeling it. My clothes no longer fit me and I look extremely skinny and frail. My appetite on the other hand is enormous! I don't know where it's going but it's certainly not hanging around on my hips! My hair is the saddest thing with TSW..I have lost I think about 2 3rds of my hair and I basically look like a cancer patient. I just havent got it in me to go to the hair dressers just yet. My scalp is full of scratches and cuts so I think I'II wait a little longer. I'm still feeling very self aware about the way I look, although I don't look as bad as I did from months 1-4..

In the above photo you can see my scalp as my hair has thinned alot. I normally just tie it up and hide it under a hat. Skin in general is clearing up though. I still have painful nerve pain on my torso area and the itch in the evening is very annoying...

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