Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Month 4 January 2013

January found me a little better. I cant remember what day it was but I found myself getting dressed and actually heading outside and doing things. A few hours out is as much as I would last until my body would crave another bath in the afternoon. The middle of January, I packed my bags and the kiddies and I headed off to my parents place by the beach.

Change of pace I think really helped me with the much needed help from my parents. My nights still consisted of 1am wake ups and scratching for hours on end. Its a very distressing time and no one really could understand the whole impact on my life. Still desperate for sleep I would take 25 mg of Phenergan plus pain relief to help the itch and sleep. Some nights it would help a little but others NOTHING! So a trip to the doctors was needed in desperate need of help for some sleep before Id go crazy. He gave me a natural form of Melatonin which the body produces but doesnt produce enough as a woman after 40.. I tried it that night but woke at 3 am with a massive head ache. A side effect of the tablets, so they went in the bin. Yeap, what else could I do but again suck it up and wait for my body to naturally heal itself..

Things Im hating this month is the feel of the sheets on my skin. Feels like sandpaper. The constant pain in my torso still, only seems to be getting worse. I can't bend my knees properly from the swelling. My knees are looking worse very day, much like a very old woman...see below...

This seems to be a very common thing with TSW. And yes I have been told it will go but only with time again. My face seems to be getting better but Im still lathering moisturiser a few times a day to keep it at bay. Swollen ankles are bad bad bad and throbbing with pain almost 24 hours a day. Is this all worth it? With the slow improvements I see every day I say absolutely YES! Im so glad I ignored everyone, as Im on my way to a steroid free body. 


  1. Hi Megan, we are in Sydney Aust and my 5 yr old son is 38 days into TSW. You mention above that you moisturised your face constantly so I'm curious on what cream you found suitable. So hard as my son is not really open to trying new things due to past experiences?
    Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog xx

    1. Hi there Zee. I hope your little one is doing ok..it is a real tough journey. I used at first plain sorbelene but when I found that not working I switched back to my normal every day moisturiser Cetaphil cream. For some reason it took to my skin again. Still today Im using that. I also use pure extra virgin coconut oil for the extra dry parts on my body (elbows, knees, butt) with Skin Basics..Aqueous Cream-soap free cleasner. I use this in the shower now too as a wash. Seems to work for me. The frustrating thing about TSW is that every one reacts differently and some creams work for some and not others. I tried mixing my own creams based with cocnut oil but epic fail..I react. So Im sticking to what suits me at the moment and hopefully down the track I can get onto to something more natural :) Hope this helps. Hugs to you and your family xo